John F


Our Solar PV System

Preface The reason that we decided to go solar is partially affected by my employment with a solar company. It also had to do with my lack of interest in paying money for things when I can own them.
Preliminary design Understanding your energy use. Design Finding the system to fit your electrical use. Permitting Zoning Building Electrical Procurement MOdules Inverters Racking BOS Staging Materials Install AC Disco and REC Meter Backfeed breaker Inverter Block layout slip sheets racking modules wiring Followup Production vs expectation

My Solar PV Rant

Short answer to solar:
Get it, flaunt it, promote it. The more I see, the more I like.

Long answer to solar:
There is more to solar than that, but having a good source for info is a huge advantage. Solar energy may not be free to capture, but it can be a reasonable contender to current energy rates. What I find so interesting is that solar relates to owning vs renting. Renting is the use of a service for its temporary benefit. Owning is the responsibility to maintain a property and benefit in the rewards of that property. When you pay a utility for energy, you decide to 'rent' energy from that utility for the near future. When you install a solar system, you are deciding to own your energy instead of renting it. The advantage of ownership can come at a high inital cost, but the intent is a long term gain